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A Nuclear-Armed Big Box Store

Posted March 30, 2021

Today, Byron King explains how the closure of the Suez Canal illustrates the deep-seated weakness of our modern economy.

The Assault on Guns Is Different This Time

Posted March 27, 2021

Today, Jim Amrhein explains why the assault on guns could add up to big trouble for Americans who love their freedom and firearms.

All Quiet on the Western Front, While Russia Turns East to China

Posted March 25, 2021

Russia is in a full-throttle geopolitical reboot, creating a geostrategic disaster for the U.S.

Mr. Bond Arrives, Licensed to Kill

Posted March 23, 2021

Today, Byron King explains the looming threat of inflation and what you can do about it.

Chemical Warfare: When Government Weaponizes Molecules

Posted March 16, 2021

Were all living with the effects of two weaponized chemicals today. Byron King explains why well be living with the scars for years to come.

The Bad Energy of Two Somber Anniversaries

Posted March 11, 2021

Today, Byron King looks back on two huge events that nuked the world through the lens of energy.

As Dr. Suess Is Canceled, Congress Kills the Dollar

Posted March 09, 2021

Today, Byron King explains how Congress used the Covid pandemic as an excuse to wreck the dollar.

Bauhaus Brutal: Biden Goes Full Federal Ugly

Posted March 02, 2021

Last week, Joe Biden signed an executive order revoking several actions by Donald Trump. Byron King focuses on one aspect of this order thats especially telling