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Bonfire of the Schools

Posted April 27, 2021

Today, Byron King shows you why mass education has become a national disgrace (if not an on-going disaster).

Earth Day and the Critical Ingredient in a Can of Coca Cola

Posted April 22, 2021

Today, Byron King celebrates Earth Day by discussing energy and energy storage.

The Strange Case of Farmer Filburn

Posted April 17, 2021

Today, Byron King looks back on the Supreme Court case Wickard v. Filburn and its effects today.

Amidst National Chaos, Biden and the Left Want to Pack the Supreme Court

Posted April 15, 2021

Byron King digs into the latest political assault on the Supreme Court

The First Starman

Posted April 13, 2021

Today, Byron King discusses an event that happened 60 years ago April 1961 that changed the world.

You Should View Money as Another Government Weapon

Posted April 08, 2021

Today, Byron King explains how the very idea of money has transformed into a tool with which the government controls you.

Easter, Gallup, Tocqueville and Kids Wrapped Up in Aluminum

Posted April 03, 2021

Today, Byron King discusses religion, American culture, Alexis de Tocqueville and the disaster taking shape at the U.S.-Mexico border.

President Proposes Prodigious Package in Pittsburgh

Posted April 01, 2021

Today, Byron King takes a close look at Bidens latest spending plan.