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Posted January 16, 2020

Aaron Gentzler

By Aaron Gentzler

Barack Obama And The Red-Green Alliance (Part I)

On January 17th, 2016, under the cover of darkness, an unmarked cargo plane secretly exited U.S. airspace headed for Iran.

Inside were shrink-wrapped wooden pallets of cash, carrying $400 million in Euros, Swiss Francs and other non-dollar foreign currencies.

Later that same day, the White House and the U.S. State Department announced a prisoner swap with Iran, exchanging seven Iranians for four American citizens who had been detained by Tehran.

They also announced the settlement of a decades old financial dispute dating back to the 1979 fall of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.1

The $400 million in shrink-wrapped cash represented just the first installment of a $1.7 billion deal the Obama administration had reached with the Iranian government.

The Los Angeles Times later reported the remaining $1.3 billion was also paid in cash, in two shipments on Jan. 22 and Feb. 5, information confirmed by a closed-door briefing held with Congressional staff by officials from the State, Justice and Treasury departments.2

The money came from a little-known taxpayer funded account administered by the Treasury Department called the Judgement Fund. Its a shadowy fund that Congress had set up with little oversight or reporting requirements.

President Obama used the fund to bypass direct congressional approval in making the payments to Iran.

Seven months later, in August of 2016, when the Obama administration first publicly announced the actual details of the clandestine cash delivery to Iran, Republicans charged the administration had used foreign currencies to side-step sanctions prohibiting sending U.S. currency to cash strapped Iran.

More importantly, they charged the democrats had empowered and enriched a major state sponsor of global terrorism, as the nuclear agreement enabled Tehran to re-enter the international economy and gave it access to much needed funds at a critical point for its economy.

In addition, the Republicans exposed the fact that the cash payment on the same day as the hostage release amounted to a ransom payment that violated long-standing U.S. policy of not paying ransom for the release of hostages.

The Obama administration denied the claims, stating the simultaneous release of the hostages was a coincidence. But, thats not the way Iran viewed the deal, as Iranian military officials boasted in state media the payment was indeed a ransom.

The then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump strongly rebuked the deal in saying, "Iran was in big trouble, they had sanctions, they were dying, we took off the sanctions and made this horrible deal and now they're a power.

"We paid $400 million for the hostages," Trump said. "Such a bad precedent was set by Obama. We have two more hostages there right? What's are we going to pay for them? What we're doing is insane."

Instead of advancing Americas national security, the Obama nuclear deal did the exact oppositemaking the world a far more dangerous place.

And as deceitful as the Obama deal with Iran was, this article from Charles Krauthammer in the January 21st, 2016 Washington Post exposed just how treacherous the Obama administration was in crafting the deal3

In a stroke, Iran shed almost four decades of rogue state status, and was declared a citizen of good standing of the international community, open to trade, investment and diplomacy. This, without giving up or even promising to change its policy of subversion and aggression. This, without having forfeited its status as the worlds greatest purveyor of terrorism.

And who was it that made it possible, most of all?

The United States of America.

For some reason, even though Iran is a sworn terrorist-sponsoring enemy, the Obama administration and his administration used the National Security Agency to find out what members of Congress were thinking and saying and trying to do. (Obama using the NSA to spy on domestic political opponentssound familiar?)

They also spied on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They wanted to make certain nobody stopped them from removing the crippling sanctions that were causing Iran such trouble and slowing down its nuclear activities.

Ben Rhodes, one of the presidents speech writers, bragged about how he had deceived journalists and policy wonks, whom he called the Blob, in an interview with the New York Times.

So why all the deception and why were the payments to Iran made in physical cash?

Well, aside from evading sanctions there are two reasons.

The first is the most obvious

See if you can connect the dots from this public tweet by the spokesman for Irans foreign minister Javad Zarif in response to President Trumps withdrawal from Obamas nuclear deal in May 2018

We Want Our Payoff Money Back!


That tweet kind of makes you want to follow the money to find out what western politicians have been spending money like a drunken sailor, now doesnt it?


But of course, pay no attention to that certain someone who just bought an $11.75 million, 29-acre waterfront estate as a vacation home on Marthas Vineyard just to compliment his $8.5 million, 9 bedroom, 8.5 bath, 8,200 sq.ft. mansion in D.C., and his $1.65 million, 6 bedroom, 5.5 bath, 6,500 sq. ft. starter home in Chicago.

Smoke & mirrors book deals aside, it seems to be a lifestyle that would be difficult to support on a retired presidents pension of $207,800 a year.

That said, the second reason the deal with Iran was made is far more insidious.

It has to do with the most powerful and dangerous political movement in recent U.S. history

The Red-Green Alliance

The Red-Green alliance is a political alliance between the progressive left and Islamic extremists. On the surface, you would think there could be no stranger bedfellows, because radical and fundamentalist Islam completely rejects virtually everything for which the progressive left claims to stand for

The tolerance of other cultures and religious faiths, the peaceful resolution of international conflict, womens rights, gay rights, same-sex marriage, democracy, and the separation of church and state.

However, they have come together united by one overriding belief

Their hatred of and their desire to destroy the United States, our capitalist economic system, our Judeo-Christian religious beliefs, culture and institutions, our Constitutional Republic form of government, and our freedoms as granted in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

And they both view conservative America as a nation of bitter clingers, deplorables, and infidels.

Thus, the enemy of my enemy has become my friend.

This Marxist-Islamist alliance should not have surprised anyone, especially U.S intelligence agencies, because as early as the 1970s, the Red Army Faction (West German Marxist terrorists also known as the Baader-Meinhof gang) were training in Jordan with the radical Islamists of the PLO.4

And the success of the 1979 Islamist Revolution in Iran depended greatly on support given to the Ayatollah Khomeini from the Irans political left.

It should be noted (especially by todays progressive-leftist democrats) that once in power, the Islamist regime in Iran repaid their leftist enablers with executions, political assassinations and prison.

Whats that old saying about history?

you either learn from it, or are destined to repeat it?

Another alliance between the Marxist-Communist left and radical Islam is the long-standing relationship between Cuba and Iran.

In early 2001, Fidel Castro while visiting with Iranian leaders told them only by cooperating with each other, and by forming a Marxist-Communist alliance with Islam, could they bring America to its knees.

Two years later in 2003, while serving a life sentence in a French prison, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (a.k.a. Carlos the Jackal), the worlds most infamous terrorist prior to the rise of Osama Bin Laden, wrote in his book, Revolutionary Islam, that only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.

The western media has done everything in its power to deny the existence of this alliance, and vilifies anyone who dares speak of it as an Islamaphobe, a McCarthyite, a White Nationalist, and a racist.

Heres an example of the alliance the mainstream media and progressive-democrats never wanted you to know about

Barack Obama and Carlos the Jackal

Its a story originally reported in the Glasgow Sunday Herald on Feb. 27th, 2009, but smothered by the western mainstream media.5

Shortly after President Barack Obama announced his plans to close the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay, the terrorist Carlos the Jackal wrote a personal letter from his French prison cell to a fellow radical revolutionary

The letter began:

Mr. President, your decision to close secret CIA jails, honors you.

It was a letter from Carlos to President Barack Obama.

The letter went on to ask for the presidents help in verifying whether Bruno Breguet, a Swiss Citizen and the former right-hand man of Carlos, was still alive, and for the presidents help in gaining his release if he was.

Breguet was rumored to have died accidentally during interrogation at a secret U.S. rendition facility in southern Hungary.

After asking for the presidents help in locating and freeing Breguet, his letter closed by reminding the president of his own grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obamas conversion to Islam by saying:

I pray God Almighty that one day the peoples of our continent, free at last, may shout with one voice: God bless our America, and as your Luo grandfather would say: ALLAHU AKBAR!

I remain, Mister President, yours in revolution, Carlos.

Yours in revolution, indeed.

Now you know why Barack Obama did nothing when there was a vibrant and credible revolution against the Mullahs in Iran, leaving tens of thousands to die

Why he did nothing when the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies in the Communist Party overthrew Egypt

And why he spent eight years purging the U.S. military of patriots, gutting our national defense, cancelling weapons systems and dramatically reducing our nuclear deterrence capabilities.

In part two of this series, well reveal Obamas most treasonous act as president, connecting the dots between his support of Iran and leaving a national security backdoor wide open

A backdoor that many former members of our intelligence agencies and the military believe could be used by Iran (or any of our nations enemies), to deliver an untraceable blow that could collapse our economy and take down the Trump administration.

An untraceable blow, that could be delivered by enemies either foreign or domestic.

Thanks for reading,

Marty Robinson

Contributing Editor for Whiskey & Gunpowder

P.S. We encourage you to share our articles with friends and family by email and social media. And dont forget to send your feedback and comments to:

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