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What the Cuomo Saga Really Shows Us

Posted August 07, 2021

Jim Amrhein

By Jim Amrhein

What the Cuomo Saga Really Shows Us

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote an article in this forum called The Bidenstein Monster. As you can probably surmise, it compared then-candidate Joe Biden to the Frankenstein monster in multiple respects — but mainly his political malleability.


To me, Biden seemed like the ideal candidate for powerful, ultra-progressive forces to stitch together into whatever they wanted him to be, policy-wise, and manipulate pretty much at will once he got into the Big Chair. And that’s turning out to be true.


Others clearly had a similar impression, too, because I wasn’t the only one to draw the Biden-as-Frankenstein comparison. As I mentioned in that article, several other writers and cartoonists beat me to this same punch line. Amusingly enough, they’d also beaten me to comparing Biden with the popular corpse in Weekend at Bernie’s and the dim-witted, prompter-addicted newscaster Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.


But now, another big-name Democrat is inviting comparisons to the movie world: Andrew Cuomo, as King Kong. In the movie, Kong both captivated and terrorized the people of New York. In real life, so has Cuomo, depending on which New Yorkers you ask (like gun owners, for instance).


godizilla-rightAlso like Kong, Cuomo has climbed to great heights over the Empire State — roaring at and beating down all that oppose him. And often, apparently, with a woman in his clutches, if the early reporting is to be believed.


I’m not alone in this comparison, either. Just like with the Bidenstein” example, a quick Google search found several political cartoons and other Cuomo-as-Kong references…


But enough satirical jabbing — let’s talk about what the ongoing Cuomo saga is really showing us


I won’t rehash the various salacious allegations we’re all hearing about him pretty much around the clock. You already know those details, at least to the point that they can be known at this time by anyone outside the parties involved. Besides, none of that stuff is really going to matter anyway unless proven in a court of law…


Because Cuomo is strongly telegraphing that he doesn’t intend to resign and slink off quietly to think on his sins. Especially not over something so frivolous as public embarrassment and disgrace. I think it’s pretty clear that he’s going to fight, spin, and work this thing every which way he can to stay in power, through all channels available to him.


So instead of talking about whether the Governor is guilty or not — or whether he should be impeached, if found guilty — I want to talk about what the entire Cuomo saga since pretty much the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has really revealed (or confirmed) to those who are looking at things closely:


Democrats care more about misbehaving men than manslaughter — To be clear, I’m not making light of sexual harassment. It’s a serious problem that has often gone unreported, even when it rises to the level of criminality. That’s wrong, and it’s good that change is afoot in the social and legal prosecution of such things…


But look at the contrast between how many big-name Democrats (including Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer) have suddenly turned on Cuomo over unproven allegations of groping, kissing, and sexual innuendo versus how few of them condemned the very real and proven loss of life that arguably occurred at his hands when the New York COVID nursing home scandal first came to light in 2020.


Point being, many Democrats seem to care a lot more about cleansing their party of groping, would-be ladykillers than those among their ranks who are actually killing people with their policies and actions. The current crisis on the southern border reinforces this notion even further.


Biden’s policies, supported by many other Democrats, are allowing thousands of illegals to pour into this nation every day, a shockingly large percentage of which have been shown to be carrying SARS-CoV-2. By the simple laws of mathematics, these carriers are infecting untold numbers of American citizens each day, some of which will surely die. Many already have, no doubt.


Much of the U.S. media is controlled by the Democratic Party — Perhaps not in an official sense, but certainly in the de facto” sense. Of course, it’s nothing new that Big Media leans left. But the ongoing Cuomo saga has called into glaring relief just how deep into the Marxist tank America’s media establishment (including many of the big book publishers) have sunk.


While helpless elderly Big Apple residents were dying by the thousands after Cuomo’s March 2020 order to admit medically stable COVID patients into nursing homes, his press briefings were used as justification to give him an Emmy award, mainly for not being a Republican. He also got a $5 million book deal for his deadly pandemic leadership” in New York.


Meanwhile, governors who showed truly meaningful and inspired leadership on the coronavirus (like Republican Larry Hogan of Maryland) got nary a wink of coverage from the Big Media. Now flash-forward to earlier this year, when the stories broke about Cuomo’s administration intentionally undercounting COVID nursing home deaths — AND about how the man himself had sexually harassed several women…


And we saw a lot of heavyweight Democrats shoring up their wokeness and COVID political cred by denouncing him. Predictably, the hyper-partisan Big Media fell right into lock step, instantly beginning to aggressively report on both of those stories. That coverage continues today (even at CNN, grudgingly), with the latest sex pest allegations against Cuomo.


Point is, the left-wing media is clearly taking its cues from the reactions of high-profile Democrats, who are now using Cuomo for target practice to score political points with female and liberal voters.


Yes, we’ve seen a lot of veiled collusion between the Far Left and the Media in this country over the last 30+ years, but nothing so obviously coordinated as the hero-to-goat Cuomo narrative that’s been unfolding over the last year and a half.


America’s political system attracts the worst sorts, by and large — In the old days, politicians in the United States had real jobs and actual lives. They took time out from those jobs and lives to come to their local state houses or to Washington because they felt compelled to serve, for one reason or another…


Somewhere along the way, however, it became broadly possible to make politics in America a more or less full-time gig. A gig that can bring with it extreme wealth and influence, when one knows how to manipulate and exploit the system. This tends to attract the worst kinds of people. The shameless narcissists. The blindly ambitious. The fame whores and power brokers and sexual predators who believe the rules of proper conduct don’t apply to them.


With the possible exception of Donald Trump, in few politicians that come to my mind are more of these traits more evident than in Andrew Cuomo. Even now, in the face of almost certain impeachment (New York is investigating four separate tracks of potential misconduct against him, including the nursing home COVID death scandal), Cuomo continues to profess his own righteousness and blamelessness.


He seems utterly convinced of it, too. To hear Cuomo tell it, he’s the victim in all this. The most benevolent, yet misunderstood man in politics, about to be martyred on a cross of everyone else’s ignorance and small-mindedness.


Of course, the notion that politicians are corrupt, lying, self-serving, hypocritical, narcissistic egomaniacs is nothing new. But the Cuomo affair is throwing back the curtain on this shameful reality in a way we’ve seldom seen before, in my opinion.


Personally, I think Governor Cuomo would be wise to take a page out of Al Franken’s book and resign now — ending all these narratives for the good of his party and his state


Even the Nixon playbook might be a good one for Cuomo to consult: Get out while the getting’s good, before he can be formally impeached. But that may be hard for a high-profile, big-ego power-player like Andrew Cuomo to do, especially with some key allies apparently still in his corner. Of all people, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani came to his defense earlier this week…


And predictably, Cuomo’s celebrity brother Chris is reportedly still helping to map out the Governor’s defense and denial strategy — while remaining virtually silent about the scandals on his influential CNN cable news” show. The network itself isn’t leveling much fire at their anchor for this, either (shocker). Or a whole lot at the Governor, for that matter. At least not compared to other sources.


Barely two weeks ago, the Biden Department of Justice dropped its pending federal civil rights investigation into New York’s COVID nursing home deaths, too. That’s a pretty big carrot for Cuomo, and suspiciously timed.


So I guess we’ll see how all this shakes out. As it stands now, I give it about a 50/50 chance that the embattled New York Governor will be ousted or resign. Because he clearly has the audacity to carry his narrative through to the bitter end…


And in American politics across the board, if you repeat anything enough times, it tends to become true — whether it is or not.

Unimpeachably Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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